Business Acceleration / Strategic Modeling

Strategic planning, Corporate realignment, HR and business repositioning, business plan, budget and balanced scorecard (BSC).

Expatriate Integration

Legal support for personal and family adaptation and integration of expatriate executives.

Headhunter and Succession

Talents identification and selection, competency mapping and succession plan.

Remuneration and Reward

Salary survey, position/jobs and salary structure design, in a short, medium and long term benefits and incentives.

Business Coaching / Organizational Development

Training and leadership development, professional training, coaching and organizational learning.

Business Environment

Talent retention strategies, organizational and social climate research, corporate culture and communication plan.

Performance Management

Performance evaluation, sales awards, incentive plans linked to personal and corporate performances.

M&A - Mergers and Acquisitions

Support for business decision. Employees, processes and cultural integration plan.


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